The Never Ending Quilt Project

I feel like I have been working on this quilt Forever.  This is one of those projects that I began over 15 Years ago.

When I was younger and I mean much younger, I would spend several weeks at a time in the Arizona White Mountains with my parents and siblings.  My Grandmother had a house up there and we would spend time with her during summer vacation. This was long before I had any adult responsibilities.  It was when I spent time with her that my love of crafting began.  I learned how to paint, Crochet, and began to show an interest in sewing.  There was not much to do, but read, watch TV and work on projects and craft.  Oh yeah, there was always fishing, but I thought it was gross and smelled funny.  I would put on old Classic movies and work on some sort of project instead.

It is strange how we remember the oddest things.  For this project, I can remember going to the local drug store in that small town of Springerville and picking out this particular quilt kit.  I remember thinking how fun it would be to put together a lone-star quilt. The drug store had quite a variety, but I liked this one the best.  I think it is the pattern that was intriguing, not the colors.  My Great Grandmother used to make quilts.  I can still remember sitting next to her and watching her hand quilt squares.  I was always intrigued by the process.

After purchasing this quilt kit, I think I tried to start on this project by hand sewing the diamonds together.  Since this project has taken me forever, I am sure that I got frustrated with it and decided to put it away for a while.  As years passed, I acquired a sewing machine.  It was then, sometime in High School that I picked this project back up again and began to sew the diamonds together.  I soon lost interest and put this project away again.

After college I purchased my own home.  I finally had a room that I could dedicate to sewing, crafting, and anything else that I wanted.  I can remember getting this quilt out yet again, and this time I took out my machine and sewed the 8 large diamonds together.  Since this is my first quilt ever, I had a really difficult time getting all the seams to line up.  Thus it is not perfect.  I have definitely learned a lot over the years while trying to put this quilt together.

A few things that I have learned:

1.) Do not do a lonestar quilt as your first quilt ever. It has proven to be a bit challenging and I am surprised that it has not discouraged me from doing another quilt.

2.) When quilting, it is important to be consistent with how you are stitching the top together.  Machine stitching and hand stitching both makes for some tight and some very loose seams.

3.) Consistent Quarter inch seams are VERY Important.

4.)Watch YouTube videos or read directions when putting together a quilt kit.  It will help in the long run.  After the fact, I have found easier ways of putting this particular quilt together.

Two years ago in August, while I was pregnant with Abigail, I decided to get this project out again.  I think I was cleaning things out, and needed space for the ton of baby items that I had acquired.  I also decided that I had a lot of time on my hands, just waiting for her to come, that is why I got this project out again.  It was at this time that I discovered that all that was lacking, was the backing, and a few pieces on the front to finish the quilt top.  I went to the fabric store, picked out coordinating fabric, stitched it together and hand basted the entire quilt.

I thought after she was born that I would have plenty of time, to hand quilt the top.  I was soooo wrong.  It is amazing how you really have no time to do these things with a busy child.  It is now two years later.  I am still working on hand quilting the top.

Now that Abigail is almost two years old I decided that it is time to finish this quilt once and for all.  Now that I am finally moved into a new place in Oregon and I have a proper area.  I can spend time quilting.  Abigail will entertain herself for a while, and she is taking some naps, so I am able to quilt a little during those times.

My new goal for this quilt is to have it finished before Thanksgiving.  I have also decided that I am not going to start on a new quilt until I have this one finished.  I think I need to work on one thing at a time.  We will wait and see how that goes.

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