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Christmas Quilt – A Work in Progress

Prior to Christmas of 2016, I fell in love with the fabric “Town Square” by  Holly Taylor for Moda Fabrics.  I was drawn mostly to the color palate and the sheer classic Christmas feeling that I got from a lot of the prints.  I purchased two charm packs of this fabric from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I also purchased a coordinating Kona Charm pack in a gray color.  I liked the way all of these fabrics melded together.

It took me some time to decide on a proper pattern for this quilt.  I searched the web but could not decide. I really wanted something that would looks like snowflakes. I finally found a pattern called “Charming Windmills” from a book by Pam & Nicky Lintott; “More Layer Cake, Jelly Roll & Charm Quilts.”  I chose this pattern because I thought that the windmill pattern reminded me of snowflakes.

In the following pictures I was making squares, each with a triangle of the printed fabric and the plain gray fabric.

Then I had to take the squares, square them up and then cut them in half.  It was a lot of work, but I am happy how it all turned out.

One of the best things about this project was that I finally had a 1/4″ seam guide on one of my presser feet.  I can say that this helped keep all my seams perfect.  Which meant that I had a better chance of getting all of the windmills points to actually come together like they should.  With out this seam guide, I am not sure that this quilt top would have come out as well as it did.

I then put my first border on this quilt.  I had originally thought that this was going to be my binding only.  However, when I actually finished this quilt top I thought that it was too small.  I decided to start adding borders.  I used this Maroon color for my first border and then went to the fabric store and bought more fabric for the next 5″ border.  Now this quilt was a reasonable size for a lap quilt.  I will use this Maroon color for the binding as well.

Now I am working on quilting this quilt.  I chose to try stippling.  It is going to take me a while, but it is fun to do.


Here is a picture of what I have done so far with Free motion quilting:

I will put up another picture once I finish the stippling on this quilt top.


Abigail’s Quilt Finished


Now that it is the new year, it is time that I finish some projects that I have started.  I decided to finish Abigail’s Quilt first.  I was finally able to finish free motion quilting the border with the butterfly motif.  Free motion quilting with the Bernina Stitch Regulator is fun to use, but I have learned that it is not as easy as it looks.  It does take a lot of practice.  I am excited to begin another project where I can practice more.





I have just finished Abigail’s Quilt.  I took a couple of days to try and decide how to finish the binding.  I think originally I was going to piece a scrappy binding together with all the left over scraps, but I did manage to leave enough extra backing fabric on all edges to do a fold over binding.  This is how my Great Grandmother used to do a lot of her bindings.  Since my new Bernina 770 Machine has decorative stitches, I decided to use one of its versions of a blanket stitch.




I really like how this has come together.  The machine does a great job.  I did think about hand stitching the binding down, but I got lazy and decided that I just want this done so that I can begin another project.  Not to mention that I really wanted another excuse to use my sewing machine.




Christmas Gifts- Pillow Cases

I am beginning this post before Christmas, but will post this after the Holidays.

Every year I enjoy making gifts.  Last year I made small drawstring bags to go in everyones stockings.  This year I decided to make a pillowcase for everyone.  I was just going to make one pillowcase for each child and then use that as the wrapping.  But this year as I started planning gifts, I decided that making a pillow case for most everyone was a better idea.  Plus I got a new Bernina Sewing Machine as my Christmas gift from my wonderful husband, so I decided to put it to good use.




I did manage to make a couple more pillowcases for others, but I guess I failed to take a picture of them.  Oh well….  I had a lot of fun making these.


Christmas Mug Rugs

Seems as though this Holiday Season has come and gone quicker than it did last year.  I did manage to make Christmas Mug Rugs before we had a house full of company for Christmas.  I had a fun time making these mug rugs this time around.  I got a new sewing machine as an early Christmas present, so I had a lot of fun exploring all the different options that it comes with.

Here are some pictures of the fun that I had:

IMG_0421 IMG_0419 IMG_0416 IMG_0415 IMG_0414 IMG_0412 IMG_0433 IMG_0432 IMG_0430 IMG_0425