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Quilt Labels

I got brave and decided to finally work on labeling my quilts.  Since my machine came with an embroidery attachment, I decided that it would be fun to use it on my quilt labels.  Right now I decided that I will just put my name and the date that the quilt was finished.  Later on, I can get more creative and add more wording.


A Christmas Quilt – Finished Project

I did manage to finish up my Christmas quilt.  I am so happy on how this one turned out.  It actually ended up being square.  I did use this quilt as practice for several things:

  1. I worked really hard on using a perfect quarter inch seam for piecing.
  2. Used the Bernina Stitch Regulator(BSR) for quilting.
  3. Used a right Seam guide for stitching straight lines.
  4. Practiced using different weights of thread for quilting.
  5. Used the Binding tool from Missouri Star Quilt Company.

I first began quilting with Aurifil 50wt 100% cotton gray thread.  It is very fine, and I liked the way it quilted, but I also wanted to try another option.  The quilting lines were hard to see and did not stand out as much as I would have liked.  After quilting about 3 blocks, I then changed my top thread to Superior Threads 40wt King Tut Gray.  The quilting stitches really stood out this time.  I also discovered that Quilting needles are awesome to use for this as well.  On my previous projects I used a universal 80/12 needle, but the quilting needle glided through the quilt sandwich much easier.

I also used the BSR to work on stippling a random pattern.  I only quilted around the pinwheel so that way it would stand out more. I like the way this turned out. It was difficult to do this as I had to really watch myself so that I would not back myself into a corner.  I wanted to make sure to keep the stitching continuous with out having to do each square and then start again.

I also used the Binding tool this time for the quilt binding instead of just wrapping the back over to the front to finish off the quilt.  In the past on previous projects, I have had a hard time with this. However, with the Binding Tool, I was able to properly have the binding the correct size and fit together perfectly around the quilt.  Looking at the quilt you would never know where the binding began or ended.  I will definitely use this tool again.

It’s time to begin another quilt project.

Quilt Summary for this Christmas Quilt:

  • Finished Size: 55″ x 55″
  • Used Pattern “Charming Windmills Quilt” from More Layer Cake, Jelly Roll & Charm Quilts by Pam & Nicky Lintott.  I added two borders to make mine larger; a 2″ border and a 5″ border.
  • Fabric used: two charm packs of Town Square by Holly Taylor and two charm packs Bella Solids by Moda in a corresponding Gray.  One Maroon Jelly roll for the 2″ border and the Binding.  Background fabric is “Snow Glides, Stars hide over the Town Square” by Holly Taylor.
  • Thread:  I used a 40wt Superior King Tut 100% cotton gray for most of the quilting, along with Aurifil 50wt 100% cotton in the same gray color.


Finishing Old Projects – A Hexagon Quilt

Many, many, many years ago I fell in love with hexagons.  I, at one time, decided that it would be a good idea to make an english flower garden quilt.  Like the square quilt project that I began years ago, but just finished, this quilt top has been pieced together several different ways.

I can tell that some of this one was put together by hand, and by a couple of different machines.  Several years ago, I discovered, that in order to complete a hexagon quilt, I would need to use “Y” seams.  When I first began this quilt, I obviously did not know what that meant.  I can also see that my seam allowances are not a consistent quarter inch.  This has proven to be quite difficult and as a result has created many puckers at the seams.  This is a quilt that will not lay flat and I am ok with that.  I am just trying to finish old projects that I began long before I knew or cared what I was doing.  Once these projects are done, I can move on to more exciting quilts, and do them the correct way.

The backing I choose for this quilt looks vintage to me.  I tried to find something that would have the same look and feel as all of the old fabrics in the quilt top.  At first, I thought that I wanted something bright and bold, but when I was standing amidst all the choices at Craft Warehouse nothing jumped out at me.  I finally settled on a more neutral selection.

Machine quilting this project has been both easier and more difficult than some of my past projects.  It is easier to machine quilt, because I built a stand out of PVC pipe to help suspend the quilt.  Thus making it weightless.  It does make machine free motion quilting a lot easier.  However, because there is so much puckering due to how this quilt was originally pieced together, it is not as smooth sailing as I had wished.  Also the backing fabric seems to be a bit stiff.  However, after free motion quilting this project, I decided that it was difficult due to the universal 80/12 needle that I was using.

I changed my needle to a 90/14 Quilting needle to do the binding.  The blanket stitch that I used for the binding and the new needle was a much better combination.  The needle just slid smoothly into the fabric layers.  Hind sight being what it is, I now should have used this quilting needle instead to free motion quilt.  On my next project I will use a specific quilting needle.

I am really glad that I have finished this quilt.  Now I am going to work on my Christmas quilt and get the stippling done!

Vintage Hexagon Quilt Specifics:

  • Finished Size: 50 ” x  54 “
  • Hexagon quilt top features scraps handed down from family years and years ago
  • Backing fabric is:  “Lauren” by Paintbrush Studio
  • Thread used to finish piecing is Gutermann 100% poly 50wt cream
  • Machine Quilted with Aurifil 50wt white 100 % cotton
  • For the binding, I used a blanket stitch and the same thread that I quilted with.  I also just wrapped the backing over to the front to serve as the binding.




Princess Pillowcase

While I was in Arizona a couple weeks back, I managed to visit a couple of quilt shops.  One of the places that I visited was Bernina Connection in Phoenix.  This store is a very small store for what they have to offer.  I could have spent a long time in there, but my daughter always has other plans.

While there, looking for new inspiration and fun colored thread, my daughter found the Disney Character section.  Between, her, my mom and some of the store staff, I could not leave with out getting something Disney related.  Besides, my two year old asked me to “cut it mommy!”  How could I say no to that?

I quickly decided that I would make her a pillow case.  I managed to find a fun pink and purple fabric to match for the cuff of the pillow case.  I used my mom’s serger to stitch it together, 30 minutes later…. here is what I created…


I would say that she likes her Pillowcase a lot!